18 februar 2009

Loads of candy this morning

Here's some yummie candy for you girls (and boys?)to check out:

1: Jacqui is celebrating 50 000 hits and giving away not one but two candies. And I must say there is really something for everyone to like in the candies, I could mention a video, a whole box of ass. +++ ENDS: Feb 23rd.

2: Ali is celebrating 15 000 hits and will some have 50 like Jacqui :) I fell in love with her header of Forever Friends. Isn't it the cutes ever? ENDS: Feb 28th.

3: Linda is celebrating 5000 hits and she aswell is giving away some yummie candy. And boy do I wish I was getting those pink thickers, I LOVE PINK!!!! =) ENDS: Feb 28th (00:00)

4: Nikki is celebrating 51 000 hits. I can't believe how fast the counter runs sometimes, but it is all to the hard work and lovely creations of the talented blogger ladies out there so they all deserve it!! :) She is giving away 5 prizes, that's right. FIVE :) Can you believe it? :) Amazing!! ENDS: Feb 24th

Have a great day everyone. :)

1 kommentar:

Linda sa...

heia :)
ja det er kjempe gøy :) Og det ekstra gøy når det er så mange nye som titter innom, gjør det enda mere gøy å skulle gi bort candy :)
takk for at du vil være med å feire ;)