23 juni 2009

Pay it forward & Awards

Lena Katrine has been so kind to pass the Pay it forward on to me and I'm trilled to take part in what I think ever since I saw the movie is such a great initiative.

Shortly about PIF:
The whole thing started with the movie "Pay it forward". The rolemodel of Haley Joel Osment, gives a great deed to another person. The only attach to the one who recives it, is that he/her has to promise to give something that matters to others. A simple demand, that may not be as simple that it sounds? Someone has now taken this principle further, and made it into a gift. The rules are simple - everyone can join, and only 3 rules have to be fulfilled:
1. You must have your own blog, so that you can spread the message.
2. You must like to make others happy.
3. You must ship your 3 gifts within the next 365 days.

The people I want to give away a gift to are: Gina and Denise - they are the best DT bosses you will ever find, they got heart, soul, creative talent, humor, they got it all!! :) And the last person(s) is Livi & Sille, they are mother & daughter that I got hooked on card making and they are so sweet lending me stamps and stash when ever I'm lacking something, thank you so much!!

Also I was lucky to recieved a award from Lena Katrine. Thank you so much cutiepie! ;)

Rules for this award:
1. Copy and paste this award into your blog.
2. Link to the one who gave it to you.
3. Give the award to someone you like, and make a link to them.
4. Make a message to them, about the given award.

So this one I want to give away to screppa (Torill) for her creative use of the ProMarkers for headings, flowers and all kinds of stash other then just regular image coloring. You are a great inspiration to me!! :)

I also got another award, but can't find it :/ So this will be it for now! Have a great evening!! :)

3 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Tusen tusen takk!!! Dette setter jeg virkelig pris på altså! Tusen tusen takk for awarden!! KLems!

Merete sa...

Har en liten fotoutfordring til deg i bloggen min :)

Gina sa...

Thank you so much Ida, I am so touched by your lovely words, I will accept your award with pleasure :)
Hugs Gina xxx