24 juni 2009

Photochallenge from Merete

Yesterday Merete challenges me in a photo challenge and I was happy to go fishing for a photo to share. Here's Merete's picture of her gorgeous daughter Ingelin and here's my picture of my cutie pie angel Julie (I'm a very proud aunt!!!):

I used the light color of the Ingelin's cap to find a matching image, I found this one of Julie that I just adore, she is only a couple of months old in this photo and already grabbing onto my glasses. Both pictures have gorgeous little girls in them so I'm hoping that a qualified similarity.

These are the rules:
  • Post a picture on your blog that has something in common with the challengers picture (it can be colors, lines, composion, light, motive and more) Feel free to write what the pictures have in common.
  • Put the Fotoverden logo with a link in the post, and link to the person who challenged you.
  • Leave a comment on this post, and be in the draw for a price!
  • Pick three people who you want to give this challenge away to.

So I pick to give this challenge to some wonderful people:
  1. Kristine - She is such a multi talent!! :)
  2. Anita -I really like the way she photographs her creations, and those pretty kitty cats of her gives the photo's such a good feeling of home.
  3. Malin - I like her card photo's in the window with the garden in the back, sweet sweet sweet! :)
I hope you girls are up for this challenge!! :)

Thanks you Merete for passing it on to me! :)

3 kommentarer:

ninabakke sa...

hihi, så utrolig herlig! :)

Gøy at du ble med på utfordringen!

Merete sa...

Åh...så utrolig herlig bilde, Ida!!
Artig at du tok utfordringa:)

Anonym sa...

aww cute!