17 juni 2009

Wedding Card

Yesterday I also made a wedding card, I haven't made wedding cards in years so this was a personal challenge, I wanted to make it clean and simple instead of loads of stash like I usually do and this is how it turned out:

Made the card for my Aunt and stayed up late yesterday to finish it as I was seeing her at my grandmothers house today. And boy I'm tired after a day at her house, my brother was also there and we trimmed all the hedges, dug out an old root in the backyeard, cut the lawn, cleaned the strawberry field (she has gotten strawberries from our house some years ago, just as good as ours!!), trimmed the bushes and made it all pretty for summer.

I also managed to make a quick stop at Den Blå Høne, which is a fabric/paper shop in the center of where my grandmother lives. (Skarnes, where I grew up) And home with me came some beautiful flowers, clear bags and some papers (and I was only suppose to buy the clear bags.. WOOOPS) So if you live around the area of Skarnes you should visit the cosy store and meet the lovely owner! They have some classed coming up so why not try one out :)

Now I'm going to have a pizza (since I'm home alone) and make cards until my eyes closes :)

Have a great evening!!!

5 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Helt nydelig!!!
Say no more:0)

Littlebear sa...

Ida, this card is very beautiful. Perfect for a wedding.
Clare x

Anonym sa...

wow this is different & very stunning I like it very much.

I have left you a couple of awards on my blog to say thank you for your friendship & support x

Penni sa...

What a beautiful Wedding Card Ida, I love it.


Linnie sa...

Ida i love this it is really classy i just love the layout it is a beautiful card