10 juli 2009

My birthday came early this year...

And with it came this gorgeous card from Lena Katrine, there was also a gift with it, but I cannot show it to you just yet! I have borrowed the pictures from Lena Katrine's blog so make sure you visit this post to see the insides and back and this link to see her blog.

And since I'm such a sucker for mail this just made my day perfect. (not many days left until Monday and my birthday, weee) Along with Hege helping me this boosted my Mojo up to 100% again!! :) So thank you so much Lena Katrine for the beautiful gift and this gorgeous card!! :)


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The Crafty Den sa...

What a gorgeous card. I'm sure you were thrilled to receive it. Not many sleeps now to your birthday *yay*. Hugs, Denise x