12 september 2009

Blog Hop News Flash

Cancel all your plans for tomorrow, Passion for ProMarkers are having a blog hop and you do NOT want to miss it! The prizes are to die for and I'm not kidding!! :)

The design team have gotten the new markers ahead of release to play with! (well except me cause the postal service in Norway SUCKS big time, but I will hopefully get them on Monday) I will be participating with some "older" colours, cause it to great to miss!!

Here's a teaser photo of the prize

Have a GREAT weekend and see you all tomorrow! :)

4 kommentarer:

Biscuitlid sa...

I'm going to make sure I have no pplans at am....................love a good blog hop!


Tonje sa...

Ooohhh... exciting!

Mary G sa...

you may not have the new colours yet ida but i love what you did with the old ones! what a fabulous colour for the dress!:)

Elaine sa...

Even this is a cool looking picture! At first I thought it was pearlized glass...like a great big dessert platter (you know MY mind is on food, huh?) LOL