23 oktober 2009

Cutest dog ever!

Look at this pretty princess, she is staying with me this weekend while her mummy is away for a birthday party! She is just the cuuuuutest!! :D

5 kommentarer:

Moni sa...

So cute! Hugs,moni

lil-paper-pixie sa...

Adorable pups Ida, in my eyes all dogs are the cutest ever, I can't pick 1, but I just want to cuddle her, enjoy your time with her, dogs are the best!!!!!

Hope you are ok.



Annie sa...

aw how adorable! and I love the black and tan colours on any dogs!
hugs, annie x

Kat sa...

Sooo cute. Aren't dogs wonderful - it's those big sad brown eyes that get me. My Labrador can look so miserable lol!

Kat x

Tonje sa...

Aaawwwww.... kos deg med henne!