07 januar 2010

Award time!

I just got this award from my friend Gro, and I really suck at passing them along even though I feel so honoured to get them. So I decided to just pass it on right away!! :) Thank you very much Gro!! :)

  1. Copy the award to your blog.
  2. Link to the person who gave it to you.
  3. Tell 7 interesting facts about your self.
  4. Chose 7 other bloggers you want to give the award away to.
  5. Link to their blogs.
  6. And leave them a comment so they know they have recieved the award!

So about those facts.. No. 1 - I'm addicted to the fizzy drink URGE, No. 2 - I love starting and trying new things but tend not to stick with it for very long, No. 3 - I'm afraid of dogs.. :p , No. 4 - I have restored my 1959 Volkswagen Beetle mostley by my self (with the help of some great friends and family), No. 5 - I am a DADDY's girl!!, No. 6 - I love drag racing , No. 7 - I love all my blogger friends, you are all so SWEET (Yes Gro, you are one of them! Hihi) I feel so lucky to get to know so many wonderful people.

I want to give this award away to: screppa, Lena Katrine, Anne, Debbi, Anita, Jaque and Livi & Sille!

for provding me with such great inspiration and kind words through their comments! Thank you everyone! :)

4 kommentarer:

Anne Kristine sa...

Tusen tusen takk Ida for oppmuntringen!
Det setter jeg veldig pris på :o)
Ønsker deg en herlig helg!
Klem Anne

Torill sa...

Tusen takk, snuppa!!!
Setter pris på slike awarder, men som deg - ikke flink til å sende dem videre. Så derfor tar jeg imot og koser meg med den...

Anita Hagen sa...

Hei Ida og riktig godt nytt år!

Tusen takk for koselig award. Det setter jeg utrolig pris på, skjønt jeg er vel blant de som fortjener det minst, siden jeg er så håpløs dårlig på å følge dem opp!

Ha en fin helg videre!

Klem fra Anita

Lena Katrine sa...


Og tusen, tusen takk for att du velger å gi awarden videre til meg - det setter jeg utrolig stooor pris på, snuppa!

ha en flott lørdagskveld! go'klem