09 mai 2010

I won.. *iiiikkk*

Today I went to a Volkswagen show at Tyrigrava (arranged by Follo VW Klubb) with my friend Beate and her kid Lloyd. We meet up with the other girls in our Fireflies club, old friends and had a good time. And as sweet as my friends are they voted my car for Peoples Choice, and I WON!! *iiiiik* ;)This is the first "official" show I have brought the bug to other then local meets around where I  live so that was fun. 

A big thanks to Erik for all the great help with getting the car ready this season and for being a good mechanic!! And to Baard for the photo's that I stole ;) Hihi.

6 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

SÅ BRA!!! Grattis!! Den er jo så søt denne bobla di! Så jeg skjønner godt at du vant!

(det er martin som er dårlig... blir nok bra snart igjen!)

Anne sa...

Så kult! Grattis :-)


Camilla's hjemmekos sa...

Velfortjent seier :D

Kimmi sa...

Congrats to you and the Bug!! Great pics!

Kimmi xx

Knerten sa...

Så er'n fiin også, da ! Gratulerer, Ida :-)

Norma sa...

Congrats on your win. Your Bug is so cute. And I love the colour--a very nice shade of blue.