22 mai 2009

Cheap ProMarkers

For all you Norwegians I just ordered some ProMarkers from Papir-Hobby and they were cheap compared to many other stores. They sell them for 29kr per marker all year around!! How great is that. I also got some cheap tiny alphabet sets for 10 kr a piece! So I spent the last scraps of cash on my VISA card before payday again on Monday! :p

And you will need them cheap markers when you join us at the Passion for ProMarkers blog from Tuesday on. Make sure you mark your calender for this upcoming Tuesday, the 26th. Because that is the BIG day when we lanch our first challenge. And let me tell you it is going to be BIG!!!! ;)

1 kommentar:

Tonje sa...

Thanks for the tip... I've never tried promarkers before, but I really want to try some markers soon...