20 mai 2009

I'm trying..

.. to fix my blog. With the long DT lists I want to add another colomn, but with my layout it harder then it first seemed. And I don't want to get rid of this sweet light purple layout either. SO if my blog looks a wee bit funny during the next hours it me trying to me a smart ass :)

Oh, Joachim arrived safely in Austria. So if you know any craft shops near Wörthersee let me know, so I can have him pick me up a gift! ;p

2 kommentarer:

Bea sa...

congratulations on becoming a member of the DT for promarkers I am so glad there is going to be a blog dedicated to these fab pens
Bea x

Caryn sa...

Loving the 3 column LO Ida. I could do with creating a wee bit more room on mine too. Have NO idea how to do it though!!

Caryn xxx