18 mai 2009

May 2009

Like I said this morning I would show you some photo's from yesterdays great celebration. But since Joachim has left for Austria today I only have two, but I actually took one of them, so very happy about that! :) Whenever we bring the camera to Camilla's house we end up with 300+ pictures. Hehe. We love taking pictures of the kids :) And my nephew Martin looks so cute in his national suit. His father Lars also has a male one that looks just stunning! I want Joachim to get one, but they are very expensive so it wont be this year.

Look at my cute little boy in high speed on the little bicycle.
(well, he is not mine but Joachim's sisters, hehe)

Martin and his father Lars

Tomorrow I'm on a strike and have the day off, but got an physiotherapy appointment at 08:40 so not a fat chance for sleeping in. I guess I'll rest when I retire :) But I'm looking forward to some crafting peace and quite now that Joachim is gone ;p

Have a great evening everyone!