23 september 2009

First day

Yeahii, my first day at my new job at Steffens in Oslo went pretty well, I had a few mistakes on the cash reg, wanted to sell someone 1200 Bazzill sheets instead of 12.. WOOOPS! But I had a pretty good day. Joachim was very nice and came to pick me up!! (Thank you very much!!)

And I got to see the new Webster X-mas papers, they are just SO gorgeous. Almost to pretty to use. Will be adding them to the web shop tomorrow so you can order them online and have them delivered by your mail man! :) If you still have not gotten your hands on some of the new ProMarkers pens, you can get them in the web shop ;) (and the old ones of course)

I will be closing the blog candy at midnight so hurry if you still haven't joined in!!

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weewiccababe sa...

glad your first day went well Ida, knew it would, you're a star