18 april 2011

SteinkjerScreppa 2011

This years STEINKJERSCREPPA was a BLAST!! I came home with a ton of inspiration to actually take the time to relax in my craft room, not just make stuff because I had to. And I guess you can tell by me blogging twice and even three times a day. I brought my camera but totally forgot to take almost any photo's.. So here are the once I took in two collages.

A BIG thank you to Torill, Hege, Kari and Kristine for letting me take part in this great event. (and for my new great SLAVE t-shirt!!! hihihihi) And to all my other friends, it was GREAT seeing you again. Wish we all could get together more often. But I'll see some of you at Mjøstreff, some at Casa and some at Scrappening :-) And some at SteinkjerScreppa 2012!! :-)

1 kommentar:

Torill sa...

Så utrolig koselig å lese at du har planer om mange treff i år! JEg gleder meg stort til mjøstreff, casa og scrappeningen jeg også!! Da har vi sikret oss mange treff, Ida! Blir så koselig!